In blue corner we have a man from Alajärvi, South Ostrobothnia, Finland. He is 35 years old, 177cm tall and he belongs under 70kg weight class. He has won Finnish championship as mechanic on road racing, he has been mechanic in legendary Isle of Man TT races. He has over 10 years of experience in motorcycle industry. He is Road Captain in Sons of Abraham MCC. On free time he catches a guitar on his handy hands and plays tunes from ballads to rock 'n' roll. He has conquered rock climbing limestones in Thailand and balanced on a slackline infront of an audience. He has sewed, he has dived. He is an explorer and a daydreamer equipped with big heart....

Ladies and gentlemen....

Elias Kortesalmi

Contact info
+358 44 0130 160



In red corner we have small but mighty woman from Kulju, Lempäälä's own metropolis in Birkaland, Finland. She is 32 years old, 163 cm tall and belongs to flyweight class, but don't let her weightclass mislead you, because she doesn't lack will or spirit! She is a natural talent in dancing, she can create Á la carte dinner even with her left hand! Her artist visions are outstanding. She has conquered volcanos in Island and deserts in Italy. She has ride a motorcycle. In her hands even big trucks goes parallel park without trouble. She is a singer, she is an artist. She has been playing on volleyball matches in world fields. She is master on lyrics, she is master on comic.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Marja-Leena "Maikku" Vuorinen

Contact info
+358 44 560 3310